Saturday, September 10, 2005


Powerful New Business System

The SFI Newsletter this week gave us a sneak peak of the new VeryVIP Sitebuilder/Hosting packages that SFI will begin offering next week. This new addition, when combined with the IAHBE, the IAHBE Toolbox, and all of the other fantastic products that SFI now offers, has brought SFI - and YOUR BUSINESS - to a new level.

If you joined SFI because you desire to have your own business operated from your home - one that will replace the income of your day job and go on to provide you more financial security than you ever thought possible - well, it has now become easier than ever to do just that!

SFI can not be thought of as just a business opportunity, SFI truly includes a complete BUSINESS SYSTEM, with all the training, tools, resources and strategies that you need to become a professional Web Marketer, Web Designer and Internet Marketing Consultant.

Here are some sneak peaks at how you can use SFI and the VeryVIP Sitebuilder to build a thriving Web Design and Consulting Business in your home town . . .
Every community has several small businesses - restuarants, realtors, appraisers, title companies, service stations, barbers,

hair dressers, lawn services, pawn shops, gyms, spas, florists, gift shops, . . . the list goes on and on. In todays world, every one of these businesses can benefit from a professional presence on the World Wide Web. Many of these businesses do not yet have a website. Many have websites but are not satisfied with the way they look or the results from them. Many of these

businesses have websites that were designed by someone's nephew or brother-in-law or some other family member or friend who claimed to be be an Internet expert, but really knows very little. These businesses in your community can become your clients! Here's how you might approach them.

The VeryVIP Sitebuilder builds websites the way professional web designers build websites. Using the VeryVIP Sitebuilder, while intuitive and easy, is also a training process in professional web design. With the VeryVIP Sitebuilder you can build a truly professional website with very little time and effort. After purchasing your own VeryVIP Website and Hosting package and building your own website, you are well on your way to transferring those skills to assist your own retail customers.

Purchase an extra VeryVIP Professional Sitebuilder/Hosting package and then identify a business in your community that could benefit from a professional web presence. Go ahead and build a website for them using the intuitive forms and wizards of the VeryVIP Sitebuilder package. Then call up the business and offer to show them a website for their business that is no less than a website of the future. One that will provide them with a professional image and is flexible and extensible enough to meet their business needs regardless of what those needs may be. Explain that they can easily maintain the site for themselves or, if they do not want to be bothered, that you would maintain it for them for a reasonable fee. When these business owners see the very professional website that you have created for them, they will surely want to say "sign me up!"

If, and of course this will happen in marketing, some businesses say "no thank you"; then you just convert that same extra VeryVIP Sitebuider/Hosting package that you have purchased into a fabulous website for the next business on your list. The time you would have spent building the site for the business that declined will have been very productive experience for you. The more you work with the VeryVIP Sitebuilder, the more your professional web design skills will be enhanced!

The business you approach should have no objection to the price. A good comparison is the Yahoo! Professional hosting package which currently costs $39.95 per month and has a $25 setup fee. The VeryVIP Professional Sitebuilder Hosting Package ONLY COSTS $29.95 retail! And, the VeryVIP Professional Sitebuilder package has SO MUCH MORE! The VeryVIP Professional Sitebuider is the only website product on the market that offers a build-in RSS Feed publication system. In addition to that, the VeryVIP Professional Sitebuilder Package offers a complete Newsletter management system, an Ad Management System, and the best traffic statistics and results tracking system on the market today.

Anyone can be a powerful salesperson when they have an exclusive product that provides so much more and costs so much less than anything on the market!

And, if you do this right, not only do you and your team benefit from the retail sales commissions, but you can earn extra income directly from your clients by providing the maintenance service for them (when they do not want to be bothered with maintaining the website for themselves).

By maintenance service I mean this. Any successful website needs to be dynamic. It needs to have current information and it needs to be adding new information all the time. With the VeryVIP Sitebuilder this is very easy to do. With a little practice, you can quickly, efficiently and professionally add new information. The site and all additions will always have a professional and attractive display. It's up to you - you can let your customers in on the secret of how easy it is to maintain their own websites with the VeryVIP Professional Sitebuilder or you can keep it to yourself and constantly impress them with the speed and skill with which you maintain their website. Read your potential customer and determine what they want. If they want control, use it as a selling point. If they don't want to be bothered with the details, do it for them for a reasonable fee.

No matter where you are, there are small business all around you that need a professional web presence. The VeryVIP Sitebuilder can be sold Internationally! So, no matter where you are, you have a complete business system just waiting to make money for you (as well as give you the prestige of having your own professional business).

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with SFI and the VeryVIP Sitebuilder. Much, much more will follow!

(And, yes, all SFI affiliates have my permission as the author of this message to send this message to all of their team, post it on their websites, include it in their newsletters or feeds or distribute in any non-spam manner you choose. Let's spread the excitement!)

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Converting my feed

Note that uses the Atom format to syndicate the feed from my blog. If someone wants to add this as a channel to a feed aggregator or newsreader, the feed aggregator or newsreader would have to be Atom compatible. Not all aggregators are Atom compatible. For example, does not (at this time) recognize atom feeds. To overcome this problem, I have simply used the services of By inputing my Atom feed from this blog ( into, I am provided with a URL which contains the same content converted to an RSS feed. The URL provided to me by feedburner is Every item I post here will be automatically converted and added to the RSS feed that is published from

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Welcome to the Internet Income Blog!

Greetings! I am George Litte, author of the SFI Marketing Group's Internet Income Course. I have created this blog to serve multiple purposes. First, I am currently writing courses on using syndicated content to promote your online business . . . and need to create a sample blog based feed for use in the courses. Second, this blog is a way of making the course known to others who may be interested in affiliate-based Internet Network Marketing of the type that the SFI Marketing Group provides. You can become an affiliate of the SFI Marketing Group for free and without any obligation. The Internet Income Course is free for all SFI Affiliates. Thirdly, this blog will be used as an informal preview of the topics that I will be working on from time to time for the course.

If the Internet Income Course sounds of Interest to you, you can join SFI and receive the course for free with this link:

Check this blog often or add it to your RSS feeds to learn some tips and strategies on Internet Income.

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